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Start right now exploring your team. 14 days for free to find out if and how teamdecoder can help you create a better team.


  • no credit card required
  • 14 days
  • all features: Focus Mode, Reports, Meetings, Domain attribution, and more
  • demo team with demo data to play around with
  • ends automatically if not upgraded
  • can be upgraded to regular subscription, all data will be kept
  • Perfect for growing teams, new teams, start-ups, task force management, new strategy or operating model implementation, etc.


teamdecoder is not just a tool, it's a partnership. We provide tailored consulting services to address your unique challenges.


  • Strategic development of a team org vision
  • In-depth interviews and workshops to define all necessary roles and circles (“sub-teams”)
  • Kick-offs with all circles to define each purpose, first tasks, and objectives
  • Adjustment sessions for evolution and improvement
  • We will bring teamdecoder with us and teach you how to use it in onboarding sessions
  • All necessary teamdecoder licenses